Oooh Baby - Char's Birthday Fic

My part of the story written for our incredible Charís Birthday - as a thank you for her very existence!!   The whole thing can be found on Ephemeral at



Well she finally seemed to be asleep.  He'd insisted she stay here.  If she could refuse the emergency room, he could refuse to let her be alone. 

He lowered himself onto the couch, still shaky himself from the events of the day.  That SOB Padgett had nearly killed her.  He didn't have the specifics but it was true.  Hell, he'd thought she *was* dead - all that blood.

Reading 'the book' had set him on edge and he still hadn't been able to completely relax from that.  Scully doing the 'naked pretzel' with some other man.  He'd managed to say it fairly lightly when telling her about it but the visualization - and the anger - hadn't left him.

Padgett had referred to her as 'baby' in his story.  No one referred to her that way, even him.  At least not out loud.  Yes, he'd heard it come from his lips when she - her image anyway - gave him the release he needed.  But she didn't know that, would never know that.

Well he may have slipped earlier this evening as they clung to each other.  He'd never before held her like that.  Why did trauma have to be behind it? 

His mind drifted to the first time he'd had his arms around her.  That night in Oregon - it had been too brief and he'd had no idea how long it would be before he'd have her in his arms again.  If only he hadn't been so startled.  No one came to him for reassurance, but this diminutive redhead hadn't seemed to hesitate, even with all the crap he'd pulled. 

If she'd been there with some other agent, Willis or someone, would the night have ended with her on the bed and the other agent sitting on the floor, not even touching her?  He shook his head at that memory. 

They'd both been so young and, in their own ways, naive.  And he knew without doubt that neither could have ever foreseen what would blossom between them in the future. 

There was no way *he* would ever fall in love with a little spy and she . . . Padgett had said he'd made a mistake writing that she would fall in love.  "Agent Scully is already in love." 

They'd both frozen at those words, carefully not looking at each other and ready to deny it - at least on her part - if anyone had overheard.  Was it true? 

When he'd found her, bleeding on his floor, he'd been slammed between the eyes with just how true it was for him.  He still wasn't sure how he'd found the strength to release her.

He shook his head, comparing it to the almost embrace all those years ago.

He looked up as he heard her, restless in the next room.  She was probably dreaming.  He rose to check and opened the door wider. 

"Mulder."  She reached for him. 

"I'm right here Baby."  He took her back into his arms.