Donna's AWARDS!!


Winner of the Spooky Awards 2004 -
1st place for Characterization of Walter Skinner - ATF 31
1st place for Characterization of Lone Gunmen - Other Things (Frohike)
2nd place for Characterization of Lone Gunmen - Pony-Tailed Cupid (Langly)
1st place Alternate Reality - Someone's Wife
1st place Alternate Universe - Post-Traumatic Stress
2nd place Alternate Universe - Sisters Remembered
2nd place Mytharc - Puppets
3rd place Investigation - Hunks
1st place Het - rated NC-17 - Someone's Wife
2nd place Mulder/Scully Friendship - Catalyst
3rd place Mulder/Scully Domestic (Tie) - ATF 31 & 43



Blind Date                                                                                  Beyond Ethan


Returnees                                                                                   Rewards


Blind Date                                                                                    Returnees


Honorable Mention - 2003 Spooky Awards

Outstanding Novel-Length - Returnees

Outstanding  Mulder/Scully Friendship - Blind Date

Outstanding Author


                Also Honorable Mention - Kidfic

Exploring Something New                           After the Future

                Also Honorable Mention - Oustanding Collaboration

Holding Hands                                                Ooooh Baby


2001 Spookys

        Honorable Mention - WIP              

        Kids No More 1 & 2                  

Honorable Mention - Post Ep

 His Wrath

Honorable Mention - Author


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Meeting Charlie and Premonitions