It was time for a shift change. She looked forward to this. The next team was her favorite of the three. Both male couples were boring and neither of those teams were interested in the house they were meant to be watching. Sometimes they would both sleep. But this third team cared. She thought these two might actually realize what was happening.

No one had asked her and she wasn’t going to volunteer any information. She was 80 years old. No one listened to 80 year-olds, especially 80 year-old women. Come to think of it, just about every 80 year-old she knew was a woman. Maybe there was a correlation.

Having these police watching the house across the street was the most exciting thing that had happened in a long time. It was a lot better than watching TV. TV had changed so much, there was more cursing now – not just damn either, she’d heard the words bitch and ass. Things were going downhill. And all the dirty stuff, just about everybody on TV was having sex, except for that one couple on the Fox network. They were such a nice couple.

These two were much more fun to watch. When she first started watching them she had thought they were angry with each other, but the longer she’d watched them; she had come to realize they were enjoying themselves. They were both so animated when they talked to each other.

And they couldn’t keep their hands off of each other. Not like those couples on TV. They weren’t groping each other, just touching. She would touch his tie or wipe mustard from the corner of his mouth so tenderly. Once she even brushed his hair off of his forehead.

But he was even more eager to touch her. He had his hand on her arm or shoulder almost constantly while making his points. He seemed to love tucking that red hair behind her ear, and even put his finger under her chin to turn her to look at him while he talked. The woman enjoyed it too, even encouraged it. She could keep her own hair back if she wanted to. Esther wasn’t blind, he might not notice how she leaned in toward him on these occasions, but another woman would. It actually made her tingle and it had been years since that had happened.

Even with all the interaction though, they never forgot why they were there. What was it called - a stakeout? Could they really understand that the house was haunted? At least that’s what it seemed like to her. Things over there moved when no one touched them. It wasn’t like a timer or anything. The lights seemed to go on by themselves, but no timer would make things float through the air or hover above a table. It happened when those other teams were here, but they weren’t paying attention. Too bad no one ever asked her but she wouldn’t tell them. That team out there now was the only one that wouldn’t have her committed somewhere. It wasn’t any of her business anyway. She’d seen lots of strange things in 80 years. It was a lot more fun watching the two of them.

If they were like that in a car, in public, she would bet they could set the sheets on fire when they were in bed. Esther! Where had that thought come from? She should be ashamed of herself; she had been watching too much TV. But it’s not like she didn’t remember sex. She and Charlie had a lot of fun years ago. Of course, back then women were just beginning to admit they enjoyed it. Not like now where women could get on TV and describe their orgasms.

She realized she was smiling. She must be getting senile, getting this much pleasure out of just watching that redhead and her sexy partner. Oh good lord, she’d taken his hand in hers and was smiling at him. She wished she could hear them. He was grinning back at her.

Had she and Charlie ever been that much in love? She hoped so. He’d just been gone so long. Those two young people didn’t realize how lucky they were. She wondered if they even knew how much they loved each other. Sometimes young people didn’t.

She hoped the police didn’t solve this case too soon. It made her feel young again just watching them.

Oh, he’d started to reach for her hair and stopped. What was that about? Surely they knew how they felt. Didn’t they? Was the redhead blushing? She had no idea girls blushed anymore.

He was getting out of the car. Probably to stretch his legs. No, now Esther herself was blushing. He’d gotten out to hide that. He wasn’t wearing a ring. No big deal, Charlie hadn’t worn one either. He couldn’t because of the machinery he worked on. This made that cataract surgery she’d had worth it, she’d missed so much before they fixed her eyes. Now she missed very little. This was so much better than TV, even without the sound. She could add that herself with no problem thank you, though she seriously doubted that her words were even close to the truth.

The redhead had the binoculars to her eyes again. Esther laughed out loud, she wasn’t aiming them toward the house and he was having trouble walking that off. Lord, this was better than having sex herself! She hadn’t been this randy in years. Those two must give off an aura or something.

You know when it was her time to go she’d have to seriously consider haunting some place for a short while herself. If these two would come and investigate her maybe she could push them towards what they really wanted. It was worth thinking about.

She sat chuckling to herself until the shift changed once again.